Muzquiz is a community located approximately 90 miles southwest of Eagle Pass, Texas, and CTR's involvement began with a trip by Dave Innerebner and his Ojibwa Disciple Training Class. A few years later we joined Dave and Pam with our first family mission trip to Muzquiz. We met Pastor Juan Antonio who had a small church in Muzquiz reaching out to a poor community called District 28, where we have been serving ever since.


Cortney Ascher

ext. 344
Reach Administrative Assistant

Current Conditions Surrounding Muzquiz

  • Prostitution, STDs, abortion and abandoned children are pervasive issues in District 28.
  • Crack cocaine, marijuana and huffing create a culture of drug abuse.
  • Alcohol remains one of the biggest problems within marriages and families and often contributes to physical and sexual abuse.
  • A new gang (the Z’s) has moved into Muzquiz and has taken over other gangs. The gang is made up primarily of ex-soldiers and is far more organized and strategic than the former gangs.

Christ The Rock's Involvement

  • Over the past 10 years, CTR has sent over 800 people on short term mission trips.
  • Put up soccer goals, basketball hoops, swing sets, performed skits/dramas, offer children’s programs, and mostly bring hope to the community.
  • Our involvement has brought local media attention to District 28 and triggered Mayor of Muzquiz to pave roads, put up lights and rebuild the plaza.
  • The local church CTR supports continues to struggle against the odds. They are working to establish youth, marriage and children's groups.
  • There is a need to develop a daily feeding program and an orphanage, to help get abandoned children off the streets, into school and help break the cycle of drugs, gangs and prostitution.