Over 95% of Peruvians profess to be Christians, but deep in the heart of the Peruvian jungle along the banks of the Ucayali River on the Amazon basin are numerous "un-reached" indigenous tribes.


Cortney Ascher

ext. 344
Reach Administrative Assistant

Current Conditions in Peru

  • Peru’s poverty rates have been dropping since 2000, but the percentage living in poverty in rural areas is still about 65%.
  • Widespread social unrest has increased as growing inflation combines with unmet expectations that social conditions would improve with economic growth.
  • Virtually no forest Amerindians live in their fully traditional ways, although there are still several dozen groups living in voluntary isolation.
  • Shamanism still has a foothold as distrust for Western culture is still common despite ongoing contact, use of Western clothing and wide-scale adoption of food preparation and serving equipment. 

Christ The Rock's Involvement

  • Provide financial support to Dick & Ruth Robinson (RiverWind Inc.) in their ministry to the "un-reached" indigenous people on the banks of the Ucayali River. 
  • Send short-term medical and dental team missions to the region annually.