As a former country of the Soviet Union, Romania initially struggled in the post-break-up period, but rapid economic growth in the 2000s lifted the overall standard of living. However, many still live in abject poverty. And despite a population of over 90% Orthodox Christians, some have yet to hear the name Jesus Christ.


Cortney Ascher

ext. 344
Reach Administrative Assistant

Christ The Rock's Involvement

  • Camp Bit of Heaven - Founded by Cristi Hodoroba, Camp Bit of Heaven reaches out to the young people of Romania, including the large Gypsy population, with the message of Christ. The camp setting provides a wonderful place to capture the attention and hearts of the children and teenagers who come to camp, offering them the hope of Christ. The camp is located in the central part of Romania in Fagaras – near the Carpathian Mountains. There are 10 to 12 camps per summer, where more than 600 children participate. Cristi and his wife Daniela have three children.
  • Horizon of Hope - Petry and Kyle Groza and their three children minister through a worship ministry at a local evangelical church in Fagaras. Kyle teaches English in a local village and in the community. Petry is the leader of the REGEN Foundation. REGEN is a ministry whose purpose is to reach young poverty stricken people of Romania through after school programs, helping hands to parents, assisting in spiritual matters, and medical/dental needs.
  • Discovery Trips - Teams have been going to Romania for over ten years, including construction trips and working with Camp Bit of Heaven. Trips are currently scheduled for spring (construction), summer (Camp Bit of Heaven), early fall (men's retreat).