September 8-16, 2018, our Peru Construction Team packed up power tools and building supplies and began a journey by plane, van, and boat. Their destination was Pucallpa, Peru – and their mission was to build a kitchen for the Pastors’ Training Center run by our ministry partners, RiverWind Inc. And did we mention that the team had less than a week to accomplish their task?

The goal for our September Peru team was to construct an 18’ x 20’ building to house a kitchen. Having a functional kitchen will allow RiverWind to increase the number of people they can host for pastoral and leadership training. Indigenous pastors are trained there to bring the Gospel up the Ucayali River to tribes that are largely unreached with the good news of Jesus.

Doing a construction project in a very remote area is an exercise in careful planning, organized packing, and a lot of prayer — there is no Home Depot to run to if you need forget something! Our previous project (in 2016-17) was constructing bathroom and shower facilities, so the trip leaders had some ideas about what would be needed.

When the team arrived, there was only a concrete slab ready for them. With just seven team members, the building was framed, roofed, and completed in only four days! Such unity and purposefulness are a credit to the dedication of each person who volunteered, and to our team leader Jamie Foster.

We also thank each person at Christ The Rock – your tithes and generosity helped fund this trip and purchase construction supplies! Your passion for missions means that more pastors will be equipped to reach people for Christ in some of the least accessible parts of South America.

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