This form must be read and signed by anyone who will be volunteering directly with minors. Note that some points may not pertain to specific volunteer roles.

Who should read this policy?

  • All approved leaders and volunteers working directly with children/youth at Christ The Rock (CTR)

Why is there a policy?

  • To prevent abuse from happening to children/youth while involved with CTR staff/programs
  • To help protect staff and volunteers from being falsely accused of child abuse

What are the expectations?

  • That these policies and guidelines will be read and followed by everyone involved with children/youth

Where does this policy apply?

  • At all activities sponsored by Christ The Rock on or off campus

What is the policy?

Adequate Supervision

  • Two non-related, approved leaders/volunteers are to be present at all times during activities that involve children/youth.
  • No one-on-one contact. Keep conversations/activity within full view of the group and other leaders/volunteers. This prevents isolation of a leader with a child/youth.
  • Punishing children/youth by hitting or yelling is not permitted.
  • Youth volunteers only discipline children with adult guidance.

Respect Privacy

  • Dress appropriately/modestly to ensure your personal privacy.
  • Touching a child/youth should be limited to placing a hand on the individual’s shoulders, hands, arms, head or upper back.
  • Touching must be non-demanding. This means that hugs and kisses should not be asked for by a leader/volunteer and they should not be forced upon a child/youth.
  • No use of digital devices in places where privacy is expected, i.e. bathrooms, changing rooms, etc.
  • Bathroom Policy when serving with children:

Only trained leaders/volunteers may change diapers and must stay in full view of the classroom.

Children in the 2 year old through K/1 rooms must use the bathrooms in the room. If half doors, leaders/volunteers may go into the bathroom with the child and assist them as needed. If no half door, leaders/volunteers stay outside and wait.

2nd-3rd graders must have a leader/volunteer walk them to the bathroom and stay outside and wait.

4th-5th graders may go to the bathroom on their own.

Responsible to Remind and Report

  • If you see a violation of the policies and guidelines that seems innocent, immediately take the leader/volunteer aside and remind them that the conduct is not appropriate. Refer to this policy as needed.
  • If a child tells you that they are being abused (physically, sexually, emotionally), tell them that for their protection you need to report the abuse to a pastor so they can get help. Do not agree to keep it a secret. Speak to the team leader, ministry leader, or a pastor immediately and do not discuss the situation with others.
  • If you are suspicious that abusive behavior may be happening, immediately bring the situation to the attention of the team leader, ministry leader, or a pastor. Do not discuss the situation with others.

Please sign your name below if you have read and agree with Christ The Rock’s Child/Youth Protection Policy.

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