Last week, two volunteers from The Salvation Army drove up to CTR’s West Doors in a truck. When they walked in and saw boxes and boxes of hygiene donations awaiting delivery, they were in awe. They exclaimed, “We can’t believe this!” “This is just awesome!” What a joy to see the surprise on their faces — and to know that our local homeless shelters and crisis agencies will have a year’s worth of shampoo, diapers, soap, cleaning supplies, and more to care for the people they serve!

Later, one of the drivers called back and left a voicemail, thanking all of you profusely, saying that he knew it took a lot of people to create such a generous amount of donations. He also said that when our staff member Julie showed him the donations, he thought to himself, “This has got to be a joke.” He simply couldn’t believe one organization would give so much. Thank you, Christ The Rock — this is the church loving our community in Jesus’ name!

Here are a few stories from last year’s recipients:

He had nothing. We were able to give him clothing, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving cream, razor and a hot lunch. He wanted to be prepared for job searching the next day. He was so happy, but most of all thankful – the tears in his eyes said it all…along with his very emotional “thank you.” – Karen V., The Salvation Army

13-year-old Emma* told me that this was the first time she’d ever owned a stick of deodorant or had tampons that she hadn’t had to steal. She repeatedly thanked me, saying that the supplies meant more to her than I could ever know. – Jillian M., AVAIL Inc. (*Name changed to preserve her privacy)

In tears, the young mother told me that she was afraid of losing her job, and possibly her apartment, if she couldn’t find diapers for her son. After rent, gas, and food, there was no money left for diapers. Day care and would not accept her son without a diaper supply, and she’d have to skip work to care for him. She’d hoped to use the diaper bank, but the hours conflicted with her work schedule. She had come out of a homeless shelter and she didn’t want to go back. Thankfully, I was able to offer her a package of diapers we’d received through The Family’s “Help for the Homeless” drive. Months later, she is still successfully maintaining her own home even though her time is our program is over. Thank you for your help! – Amy L., ADVOCAP


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