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ATTENTION: Christ The Rock is in the process of replacing the system we use for class registrations, forms, giving and communicating with you. Our new system is called Church Community Builder (CCB) – and we are excited about the ways it will enhance everyone’s connection within our church and ministries! 

To set up your account in the new system:

  1. Click on this MyCTR link or go to http://myctr.ccbchurch.com.
  2. Click on Create Account under the blue LOGIN box.
  3. Choose your campus from the drop down form field and click the Continue button.
  4. If you had an account in Elexio, CTR's old system, an activation email will be sent to you immediately with further instructions on setting up your account. If not, an activation email will be sent to you manually by our staff within 1-3 business day. 

The first time you log into your account you will be given the opportunity to watch a video tour of the system and all the features available to you.

Access to Elexio (including the My Church App), will end on 11/11/2018. CTR will transfer all giving records from Elexio to CCB so that you can access year-end giving statements; however, if you need to access Elexio to end scheduled giving to coincide with your start date for scheduled giving on the new platform, please follow this link:

Login to Elexio