Bill Lenz - April 2, 2017

From Comfortable To Committed

This Sunday the message in the From Me To We series is From Comfortable to Committed. We will look at the early church in Acts 3, 4 and 5. We will see how they knew Who Jesus was and wanted to be a part of His purposes no matter what. They got in trouble with the religious officials and were warned not to teach in the Name of Jesus, but they continued. They were arrested, beaten, threatened, flogged and strictly told to stop. The Scriptures indicate that they went away rejoicing, that they were counted worthy to suffer for His Name. Many in the early church ended up giving up their lives. We probably will not be put to death for our faith, but are we willing to shift from comfortable to committed in any way God would ask us to?

Scripture References: Ecclesiastes 3:11, James 4:14, Matthew 10:16, Acts 2:43, Acts 3:6, Acts 4:20, Acts 4:32-33, Acts 5:19-21, Acts 5:29, Acts 5:33, Acts 5:40-42, Revelation 12:11

From Series: "From Me To We"

This series looks at the early Church and the topics of being in community and living out the purposes of God together.

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