Ben Korinek - December 13, 2020

The Hope of a Better World

The Hope of a Better World

Don’t we all hope for a better world? We look around and see so much suffering and darkness and pain. If Jesus came to save the world, then why is the world still so messed up? In Week 2 of our Already/Not Yet series, we will look at how the first coming of Jesus points us to the hope we have in His second coming—the hope of a better world.

From Series: "Already/Not Yet"

Every Christmas we celebrate the day the Light entered the darkness- the night that Jesus was born. But if the Light has come, then why is the world still so dark? If Jesus was born to Mary to one day defeat death on the cross, then why does evil still advance? In this series, we will remember what Jesus already accomplished in His first coming, but also the things that are still to come. Join us as we explore the hope that exists within the tension of the Already/Not Yet.

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