Steven Bruce - January 13, 2019

The Bread of Life

As we dive into the I AM statements, we sit down with Jesus as He not only meets the needs of multitudes of hungry people, but He shares how we can experience a life where we never hunger again. When Jesus shares that He is the bread that gives life, the people weren’t sure what to do with this radical declaration. They were looking for someone to give them what they wanted. Jesus wanted to give something much greater. Just like the Jewish people, we often want to fill our lives with the things we think will satisfy our hunger. Only Jesus can really fill us. Only Jesus can give us real life.

Scripture References: John 1:1-4, John 1:10-12, John 6:14-15, John 6:25-29, John 6:30, John 6:32-34, John 6:35-36, John 6:41-42, John 6:48-51, John 6:52-58, John 6:60, John 6:65, Matthew 26:26-28

From Series: "I AM"

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