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Joel Zeiner - July 7, 2024

How to Win Over Enemies and Sincerely Influence People

Have you ever wanted to make a sincere difference with your life? Have you wished to be a person of influence?These are God given longings in all of us – and more attainable than you might think. As we continue our study of Philippians, Paul will instruct us in how to grow our influence by conducting ourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel.

From Series: "Philippians"

Even though it was written centuries ago, Philippians is a particularly compelling book for us right now. Our country is divided by social and political issues which inevitably trickle into our families, our workplaces, our culture, and even the church. How are God’s people supposed to live in these tension-filled times? Paul’s wisdom to the church in Philippi provides answers and offers direction. The Philippian church existed in its own hotbed of cultural and political tension. Paul encouraged them to lean into the tension with a specific mindset of Jesus, who humbled himself by considering the needs of others before his own. By adopting this same mindset of humility as God’s people, we can fight for unity and connection in the midst of division. Whose thinking and way of life should we follow? Paul makes the case for it to be Jesus – and we need Him now more than ever.

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