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Joe Pullen - January 21, 2018

In The Beginning

As we’ve completed the first five readings from our E100 Bible Reading Plan, we’re seeing familiar Bible passages with fresh eyes. In these readings and in the message, we learn that (1) God’s Word can be trusted. Everything He says will happen. We learn that (2) We need God. Whenever people go against God’s Word, things get screwed up badly. Finally we see that (3) God always has a plan to rescue us! The heart of God is to provide for us and rescue you from sin so that we can know Him as He really is. Unfortunately, Satan devotes himself to twisting God’s Word so that we see God inaccurately, doubt Him, and then listen to voices other than God. It’s no surprise to God, who had a plan from before the world was made, to send Jesus to cover us in His love and wash away our guilt. We can stop hiding and rest from striving because we know Satan loses and Christ wins!

Scripture References: Ephesians 4:1-5:11, Psalms 139:1-140:1, Genesis 2:16-17

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