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Stuart Briscoe - September 4, 2016

Keeping Your Cool in an Election Year

What does it mean to be a Christian in secular society? Numerically we are strong but culturally, our influence is weak. The book of John focuses on the last few days of Jesus' life on Earth. Before He gave himself up, Jesus prayed that His Father would protect His disciples (and other believers present and future) from the evil one and then He sent them out into the world. The world as God created it was beautiful but secular society is one that choses chaos over God's perfect plan. How do Christians live in the chaos? Jesus calls us to hear the Word, believe, and seek a life of trusting obedience to God. Then, shine like a light to cast out darkness.

Scripture References: John 17:6-20, John 1:10, John 3:16, Romans 12:14-21

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