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Joel Zeiner - April 18, 2021

In The Beginning, God

Have you ever gazed at the stars or marveled at the beauty of a flower and wondered where did it all come from? The first line of the Bible answers this question in a few brief words. Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” In this 2nd message of our True North series, we will learn how the claims of Genesis 1:1 form the foundation of a Biblical worldview and why it matters that you believe it’s true (or matters to you).

From Series: "True North"

In a world filled with conflicting opinions, how can we know which ones to trust? In the Age of Exploration, sailors had only one trustworthy guide: the North Star. It’s the only star in the visible cosmos that never moves. What if there are certain truths that act the same way in our lives? What if there are truths in God’s design that never change, across time and history? We will study the Bible to understand a Christian worldview, how it answers life's big questions more completely than any other worldview, and how we can live in light of these truths.

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