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Joel Zeiner - November 20, 2022

David and Bathsheba

The story of Bathsheba is a dark chapter in the life of David. It’s a story that forces us to wrestle with the question, “how can a man after God’s own heart commit murder and adultery.” This message will look at the story from Bathsheba’s perspective and the grievous sins committed against her as a way of shedding light on the prevalence of sexual violence and abuse in our world. This message will also address God’s tender heart of mercy for victims of sexual abuse as well as God’s redemptive grace for those who have sinned against others in this way. WARNING TO PARENTS – this message addresses some sensitive topics that include lust, murder, misuse of power and sexual abuse.

From Series: "The Life of David"

Join us as we begin a new message series, "The Life of David," where we will explore how David's vertical relationship with God impacted his horizontal relationships with other people, and what we can learn from how David navigated those relationships. We will also see how the life of David helps us understand God’s great redemptive plan, and what that means for every single one of us here today.

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