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Joel Zeiner - January 8, 2023

I Am What I Do

I Am What I Do

Whether it’s a job, a title, or a role, we’re really good at defining ourselves by what we do. What happens when you lose your title or the ability to perform your role? Who are you then? Some people get all the way to retirement before they feel the sting of “I am what I do” lie. According to the word of God, you are infinitely more valuable than anything you could ever do or accomplish. Join us Sunday for the first message in the Identity Lies series, where we will explore the dangers of the “I am what I do” identity lie, and see what the Bible says about who you really are in the eyes of God.

From Series: "Identity Lies"

Created in the image of God, we are a far cry from that original design. Instead, there are so many lies that drive us to worldly conformity. This series will explore several identity lies and how we can be restored to wholeness.

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