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Joel Zeiner - September 10, 2023

Rethinking Sexuality: Week 1

What do you believe about sexuality? Why do you believe what you believe? Like it or not, we’ve all been sexually discipled to believe something. Sadly, it’s rarely according to God’s design. Our culture encourages us to seek sexual fulfillment as the highest good, yet it always leads to brokenness and captivity to sinful desires. God’s Word invites us to consider His vision for sexuality and embrace the true fulfillment available in His beautiful design.

From Series: "Rethinking Sexuality"

We are being discipled all the time about sexuality, from a variety of sources -- but many of them are unhealthy or unbiblical in their approach to sexuality. In this series, we will seek to understand what the Bible truly says about our sexuality, and why it matters. The way we understand sexuality informs how we see ourselves and our identity, helps us to understand how to honor God with our sexuality, and invites us into God's good design for how we live. And when we understand sexuality from God’s point of view, we can find hope for our places of sexual brokenness. Another desire for this series is to be better equipped to love others and represent Christ well as you engage with people in your life about these topics.

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