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Ben Korinek - August 7, 2022

Know Your Calling

Have you ever wondered about your calling? Do you want to make sure you don’t waste your life? In week one of our series, Last Words of a Disciple, we will study the beginning of 2nd Peter to understand our calling. We will discover the 4 keys Peter gives us to know our calling, and how we can live a life that truly matters.

From Series: "Last Words of a Disciple"

If you knew your time on earth was growing short, what would you want to say to those you love? Peter was one of the first disciples, and one of the foremost voices of the Jesus movement for decades. As he sat in a Roman prison facing execution for being a leader in the church, Peter decided to pen his last words. What did this seasoned disciple want to say to all the generations of disciples who would follow him? Join us for four weeks, as we study the letter of 2 Peter. We will see how Peter used his last letter to tell us how you can know your calling, know the scriptures, know about dangers, and know your future.

Study Guide - Week 1     Bulletin

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