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Joel Zeiner - October 31, 2021

A Letter on Persecution

A Letter on Persecution

The book of Revelation contains letters of encouragement, correction, and instruction for seven churches in Asia Minor. While these letters were penned by the Apostle John thousands of years ago, the message is directly from Jesus and is for every generation. As we explore the second letter in our Seven Letters of Revelation written to the church of Smyrna, we’re reminded that we can put our full trust in Jesus. Even in the midst of trials and temptations, we can know that He will always be faithful.

From Series: "The Seven Letters of Revelation"

If Jesus wrote you a letter, what would He say to you? To our church? What would He share with us about His priorities for us? What does He find pleasing and displeasing? What would He say about our level of obedience? We'll take a look at how Jesus addressed each of these issues as we take a close look at the letters written to the seven churches of Asia Minor in the 1st Century. Though these letters weren’t addressed to us, they were written for us and provide us with a richer understanding of Jesus, His heart for the global church, and His eternal perspective for each of our lives.

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