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Joel Zeiner - June 4, 2017

For Such A Time As This

“...for such a time as this.” With this challenge from Mordechai, Esther is faced with one of the great defining moments of the Bible. Though we may not face a decision that determines the fate of a nation, our lives contain defining moments. How we respond to these moments has the potential to radically alter the course of our life and the lives of others. In this message we learn from Esther and Mordechai how to be better prepared for these moments when they come.

Scripture References: Joel 2:12, Esther 4:13-14, Genesis 12:3, Luke 8:14

From Series: "[A]Part of HIStory"

The book of Esther recounts the story of the Jewish people near the end of their exile, while facing the threat of extermination. Esther is the Persian name for the Jewish woman Hadassah. Esther is one of only two books in the Bible where the Name of God is not mentioned, yet God’s sovereignty and providence are incredibly woven through it.

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