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Joel Zeiner - April 10, 2022

Family Ties

Family Ties

Why does the Bible tell wives to submit to their husbands? Are husbands only called to love and not submit? Paul ends his instruction to the church at Colossae with some of his most practical and controversial teaching. In this last part of chapter 3, Paul teaches us how to live as a followers of Jesus in our most intimate family relationships. In this sermon we will wrestle with what these short commands require of us and why they are still relevant for followers of Jesus in the 21st century.

From Series: "Colossians"

We live in an increasingly confusing society. It’s hard to know what is true, and many differing philosophies are ruling the day. Whether its new age spirituality, legalism, asceticism, stoicism, materialism, or many other “isms”, there is a whirlwind of ideas that can make it difficult to know what to believe. At the core of all of these issues, there is one question we must wrestle with: who is Jesus? If Jesus was just a good teacher, then people can have their own ideas on how they ought to live their lives. But if Jesus is truly the King over all creation, then we have to make a decision about living in response to His supremacy. About 2,000 years ago, the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to the Colossian church that centered around the same questions – who is Jesus? What did He do? What is He still doing? How does He set us free from the things of this world? How should we respond? Join us as we explore one of the most relevant letters in the entire New Testament – a letter that helps us see Jesus more clearly, especially as we prepare our hearts to celebrate His death and resurrection at Easter.

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