CTR Local Outreach Grants: Love Your Neighbor

CTR believes we are all an integral part of God’s church regardless of role, age or story. As His ambassadors, we have the opportunity to represent Christ to reach our neighborhoods, workplaces and the greater Fox Cities community. Christ the Rock wants to partner with those in our church family who would benefit from a grant to either support current outreach work they are already doing, or start a new outreach project.

All outreach proposals should align with Christ the Rock’s vision, mission and values. Our vision is that all people, no matter their story, will come to know, follow and worship Jesus. Our mission is: together, we seek the lost, love the hurting and make disciples. In everything we do, our values are to offer a hurting world the love of Jesus Christ in ways that are relational, authentic, honoring and redemptive.

Here’s how to get started:

To be considered for one of our local outreach grants, please fill out our application including a cost breakdown of your plans. Be sure you have taken a look at the core components (below) we consider essential to outreach project proposals if you have not done so already.

If you have any questions while you are considering an outreach project, please feel free to reach out to Heather Jost at hjost@christtherock.org.

Apply Here

These core components are essential for outreach project proposals, so as you think of a project, please consider how it addresses each of them.

1. Share Jesus: CTR believes it is crucial for outreach projects to share Jesus in a loving and kind way, by our actions and our words. We are looking for projects that incorporate sharing the Gospel or testimonies, either during the outreach itself or as a follow-up/next step.

2. Connect to Discipleship: We believe that accepting Jesus is just the first step on a lifelong journey of following Him. It is important that these projects connect people to the Body of Christ for their continual spiritual growth and discipleship.

3. Intentional Leadership: Any successful project has a designated leader to carry out the objective. It is an important component to identify who will lead the outreach effort.

4. Capacity & Sustainability: First of all, it is important that each detail of the outreach plan has been carefully considered to best ensure that it is achievable with the size of grant requested. Second, if the proposal is for an ongoing effort, it is important to consider sustainability. Who and how will the effort be carried on into the future? Will more funds be needed to continue the project?

Here are a few questions to help you begin thinking through your project idea:

First Steps/Idea Development:
Think about the people you want to reach with this project and what might engage them. What do they connect to? What do they have in common?
What are your overarching goals or hopes from this project? How could your idea help you meet those goals?
Would the project you have in mind be more effective as a singular event or will it be an ongoing endeavor?
Consider some of the potential challenges with any idea and how you would address them.

Practical Steps and Budget Development
When would your ideal date(s) and time(s) for the project be?
What would the location be? Would inside or outside be more appropriate, and if outside, is weather into consideration?
Who would you invite to join you in carrying out the project? What would each person’s role be?
How would you invite the people you want to reach or get the word out to them?
What materials would you need, what quantity, and how much do they cost (including any shipping)?

To help you think through your outreach idea, we wanted to provide an example. We hope this helps you pray and dream about who God is placing in your lives to be reached with the Gospel!

Hospital Care Packages | During March and April 2020, one of CTR’s Small Groups saw a need in our community. Because of the Covid-19 restrictions on visitors in hospitals, all patients were spending long days alone and isolated as they recovered from a surgery or illness, with no visitors to help the days go by more quickly. This small group saw an opportunity to share Jesus’ love, provide spiritual and practical love, and connect them to Christ The Rock.

They researched which hospitals would accept gifts, then prepared care packages. Each one contained handwritten cards sharing messages of hope and God’s love, and included a devotional and gifts such as crossword puzzle books, Chap Stick, gum, and more. Each card said “You are loved” on the outer envelope, and was signed from “Friends at Christ The Rock Community Church.” They began by creating 50 care packages — then shared their idea with CTR’s outreach staff. With help from CTR Local Outreach Grant, they expanded the project. They included the entire church in making cards through the Mom’s Inc. and Women of The Rock’s Facebook groups, and received funds to purchase supplies for 100 more gift packages.