Mental health and crisis resources you can access from home:

Therapists/Counselors offering Tele-Health counseling via phone calls or internet:

Catholic Charities: Julie Duffy – 920.734.2601
Esprit Counseling: Hannah Episcopo, Kerrie Larson. Click here for online scheduling.
Ardent Counseling: Maggie Frank – 920.234.6855 or
Hearts Unfolding: Marilyn Hein  – 920.203.7021 or
New Day Resource (Manitowoc): Pat Hanson – 920.320-1325
Jesse Kusserow: 920.541.6646
Integrity Counseling: Alissa Lapp – 920.385.1420 or
Integrity Counseling: Chad Lorge – 920.515.0800
Jeff Palmer (Green Bay): 920.654.1847
Psychology Associates: Lisa Randerson – 738-9999

If you are struggling and need someone to talk to, there are two “Warmlines” where trained volunteers will listen.

Warmline (A LEAVEN program available 8 AM-10PM): 920.931.2572
Iris House Warmline (A NAMI program has people available 24/7): 920.815.3217
All NAMI groups & programs including Iris House are temporarily closed.

CRISIS Hotlines

Outagamie County: 920.832.4646 | Winnebago County: 920.233.7707 | Calumet County: 920.849.9317

Domestic Violence Services

Christine Ann Center/Domestic Violence Shelter is open for safety in housing: 920.235.5998
If you need non-shelter support for domestic violence issues call Olivia 920.235.5998 or e-mail her:
Harbor House is also open for safety in housing: 920.832.1666


Christ The Rock Support Group & Counseling Services 

Fresh Hope Drop In Group – meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of Each Month

Fresh Hope is a biblically-based mental health support group. There is a serious gap between receiving medical treatment for mental illness vs. learning to live well with mental illness. Research shows that finding a way to live a hope-filled life can best be “caught” from peers who have been there too, and are now living well. Research also shows that the best antidote for hopelessness is hope that is rooted in faith. Family and friends who serve as a support to those with mental illness are also encouraged to attend. Cost: $20 for workbook.

For more Information, contact Nola: 920.730.8383, ext. 332.



Counseling (Individual & Couples)

We offer several biblically-based counseling options to care for you as you navigate a crisis or heal from past wounds. Contact Deb at 920.730.8383 ext. 345 to find out which counseling option is right for you. Lay Counseling is offered at no cost to you.

Individual Counseling    Couples Counseling