Who We Are

We are a church that’s excited about God’s love for every person. Our vision is that all people, no matter their story, will come to know, follow and worship Jesus. Together, we seek the lost, love the hurting and make disciples. In everything we do, we want to offer a hurting world the love of Jesus Christ in ways that are relational, authentic, honoring and redemptive.

History | Over 35 years ago, a handful of young adults began reaching out on the streets and in bars in the Fox Valley to tell people about the God who loves them deeply. The street outreach led to a crisis hotline, and a growing number of people became new followers of Jesus. As they began pursuing healing and growth in Christ, many were unable to find church communities where they felt accepted. They began gathering weekly at Riverside Chapel and eventually became Christ The Rock Community Church. Our heart remains the same as it was in those first days! We hope everyone will hear about and join God’s story of love and redemption, follow Jesus with their whole hearts, and grow to share His persistent love for people who don’t yet know Him.

What Makes CTR Unique | Every church has a unique God-given purpose. In keeping with our beginnings, one of our main callings is being a warm and welcoming place for all people, no matter their story, loving people who are hurting, and helping them grow in Christ. Whether you are parents doing your best to raise kids to know and love Jesus, a single person who desires to live for Christ, someone battling an addiction, or a survivor of abuse or trauma – God knows you, sees you, and loves you. No situation is too big for God, and we want to meet you wherever you are in life.

Statement of Faith



We believe in transparency and accountability in church leadership. Our Elder Board provides doctrinal guidance and annual direction. Our Senior Leadership Team leads our pastors, staff, and volunteer ministry leaders as they carry out our vision and mission, with the Elders’ guidance.

(left to right, front row) Lynne Paba – Support Team Leader and Micah Neely – Reach Team Leader

(left to right, back row) Pastor Kris Schneider – Transform Team Leader, Pastor Joel Zeiner – Teaching Pastor and Weekend Service Director, Pastor Deb Richards – Restore Team Leader, Pastor Curt Drexler – Lead Pastor.



In addition to our staff pastors, Christ The Rock has ordained people who have shepherded people well over time, in a variety of settings:

Micah Neely – Reach Team Leader

Heather Jhost – Reach Team Administrator

Pastor Kevin Kelly – First Response Care Pastor, Staff Coach

Pastor Kris Schneider – Team Leader

Pastor Joe Pullen – Discipleship Director

Cortney Ascher – Discipleship Administrator

Tom Potter – Children’s Ministry Director

Theresa Goyette – Late Childhood Coordinator

Jen Reetz – Early Childhood Coordinator

Sara Steinbrink – Children’s Ministry Operations and Support

Lisa Coulson – Team Leader

Dave Coulson – High School (NarrowPath) Leader

Tom Potter – Middle School (AMPED) Leader

Sara Steinbrink – Communications Coordinator

Pastor Joel Zeiner – Weekend Services Director

Pastor Steven Bruce – Worship Arts Director

Alex Hayes – Technical Arts Coordinator

Ben Korinek – Teaching Pastor

Pastor Deb Richards – Restore Team Leader, Staff Coach

Jerilyn Hidden – Restore Team Administrator

Pastor Peter Leschke – Restore Team Pastor

Nola Sweet – Restore Team Ministry Coordinator

Pastor Dave VandeHey – Restore Team Pastor

Pastor Deb VanThiel – Pastor of Counseling

Lynne Paba – Support Team Leader, Staff Coach

Monica Betters – Maintenance Administrative Assistant

Gloria Fochs – Operations Director

Kathy Hansen – Bookkeeper

Nancy Leschke – Communications Coordinator

Ann Meyers – Volunteer and Membership Coordinator

Stacey Meyers – Fireside Café Manager

Julie Owens – Activity Coordinator

John Reider – Maintenance Coordinator

Jennifer Schmalz – Human Resources Coordinator, Coach

Deb Sorenson – Assistant Bookkeeper

Al Van Thiel – Building and Grounds Coordinator

Julie Wilson – Administrative Assistant to the Lead Pastor

Amped (Middle school) – Tom Potter

Baptisms – Nola Sweet

Benevolence – Pastor Deb Van Thiel

BreakOut (Grades 3-5) – Jen Reetz

Building & Grounds – Al Van Thiel

Building Maintenance – John Reider

Care & Support Groups – Pastor Deb Van Thiel

Celebrate Recovery – Pastor Deb Van Thiel

Character Development Class – Jerilyn Hidden

Child Dedications – Jen Reetz

Children’s Ministry (Son Harbor) – Tom Potter

Communication – Nancy Leschke

Counseling – Pastor Deb Van Thiel

Crossing (Young adults) –  Pastor Kris Schneider

Discipleship Groups – Pastor Joe Pullen or Cortney Ascher

Finances – Gloria Fochs

Fireside Cafe – Stacey Meyers

Food Pantry – Micah Neely

Freedom Fighters for Men – Pastor Joe Pullen or Pastor Peter Leschke

Funerals – Pastor Dave VandeHey

Guest Services – Pastor Kris Schneider

Hospital Visitation – Pastor Kevin Kelly

Human Resources – Jennifer Schmalz

Ignite (Children’s worship) – Theresa Goyette

Journey Groups – Jerilyn Hidden

Membership – Pastor Dave VandeHey

Men’s Ministry (Men of The Rock) – Pastor Joe Pullen

Mission Trips – Micah Neely

Moms Inc./Kids Cove – Jen Reetz

NarrowPath (High school) – Dave Coulson

Prayer Intercessors – Nola Sweet

Premarital Class – Julie Owens

Recovery Groups – Pastor Deb Van Thiel

Room Rentals – Julie Owens

Scrip Program – Julie Owens

Small Groups – Pastor Joe Pullen

Student Ministries (Middle and high school) – Lisa Coulson

Teaching Pastor – Pastor Ben Korinek

Technical Arts – Alex Hayes

Weddings – Pastor Dave VandeHey

Women’s Ministry (Women of The Rock) – Pastor Joe Pullen

Weekend Services – Pastor Joel Zeiner

Worship Arts – Pastor Steven Bruce