Join a Small Group and begin to build lasting relationships and change the world one person, one neighborhood, one city at a time.

Small Groups:

  • Are Bible-centered
  • Intentionally direct people towards a goal of spiritual maturity
  • Are a place where people can honestly talk about their lives and work out what it means to follow Jesus
  • Develop relationships with people for the purpose of discipleship
  • Are people following Christ together

Here are some of the Topics covered in Small Groups (hint: use these to filter results when you’re searching for a group online):

  • Bible Study Book Study Fellowship
  • Healing Prayer Sermon Study
  • Topic Study
  • CTR also has an established group for seniors, called Engaging the Heart, that meets on Wednesdays from 2:00-4:30 PM in the West Lounge. Join us for worship, Biblical teaching, prayer, and fellowship with other seniors!

What can you do?

Find a Small Group below:

  • You can filter Small Groups by location on a map, list (alphabetical by facilitator last name or topic), or using filters (Days, Group Gender, Marital Status, Child Care, or search by Topic).
  • Contact the Small Group Leader to inquire about attending.
  • You can also support Small Groups by praying for members and sharing this opportunity with others.