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Joel Zeiner - October 30, 2022

David and Jonathan

Do you feel lonely? If so, you’re not alone. Almost 60% of Americans say they are lonely. As a nation, we are growing more isolated and disconnected, which isn’t good for anyone. God said it is not good for us to be alone. We are created for relationships and connection, and friendship is one antidote to loneliness. The Bible contains an incredible story of friendship between a prince and a nobody who would later become king. In this message, we will look at David's friendship with Jonathan to learn about the character and value of friendship.

From Series: "The Life of David"

Join us as we begin a new message series, "The Life of David," where we will explore how David's vertical relationship with God impacted his horizontal relationships with other people, and what we can learn from how David navigated those relationships. We will also see how the life of David helps us understand God’s great redemptive plan, and what that means for every single one of us here today.

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