Bill Lenz - February 14, 2016

Abraham Was [IN]

Genesis 12 opens the story of Abraham for us. As we examine his life we see 6 ways that he learned how to trust God: 1) Willing to leave the known, 2) Willing to go into the unknown, 3) Willing to wait on God for His promise, 4) Willing to learn through failure, 5) Willing to wait again, and 6) Willing to give to God what he valued most. This message will dissect these 6 ways Abraham learned how to trust, so we too can learn how to trust God in these 6 ways.

Scripture References: Genesis 12:1-3, Luke 9:18-27, Colossians 3:1-4

From Series: "[IN]"

We as a Church are beginning a 6 week message series called IN. This series kicks off a 2 year discipleship journey that we are calling the [IN] Initiative. The 4 reasons for this Initiative are: 1) To become more like Jesus, 2) To accelerate living out our vision and mission, 3) To grow in our generosity, and 4) To increase local and global impact.

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